As I Have Loved You

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The First Love Principle

In I John 4:19, the Bible says “We love Him, because He first loved us.” In other words, God makes the first move with respect to loving us. God’s love, as described in this passage, is in stark contrast to the way most of the world lives. You see, most people in the world simply react to others. In other words, the average person will meet someone, and respond either positively or negatively depending on a variety of factors. “I will love another person if that person loves me, or if that person is good to me, or if that person is similar to me, etc.” It’s what we would call conditional love. “If the other person meets certain criteria, then I will love them.”

Not so with God’s love. The Bible tells us that God loved us first. This love of God is simply unconditional. If we’re to walk in God’s love, then our love needs to be unconditional as well. We need to love first, not based on the other person meeting any specific conditions, but simply because we are followers of Christ, and are commanded to love with His love, whether we feel loving or not.

The First Love Principle will change your life. Your love for others will no longer be dependent upon circumstances, but will be strong. You won’t walk around waiting and hoping to be loved and treated correctly, because you’ll be filled with God’s love in abundance. You see, before Jesus spoke His commandment in John 15:12 to love one another as He has loved us, He told us in John 15:10 that if we keep His commandments (that is, to love one another), we shall abide in His love. As we start practicing unconditional love, we will be abiding in Messiah’s love, which is the greatest unconditional love there is.

You can change the way you do things in an instant, and begin to walk in the First Love Principle. Don’t wait for the other person to be kind to you; put the First Love Principle into practice and make the first move.

As I Have Loved You
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