A Valley Transformed


The Bible is filled with references to valleys, which are often symbolic of difficulty or despair. One such valley was called the Valley of Achor. You see, Achor in Hebrew means trouble; this valley received its name during the days of Joshua, when Achan's family was put to death after Israel's army was defeated - talk about trouble!

But wait - there's an amazing promise of transformation for this valley, which is applicable to our own lives:

“I will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope...” Hosea 2:15

Wow! What a transformation! The Valley of Achor, a place of death, now becomes a new beginning, a door of hope! What's more, this promise was made to Israel, which at the time had turned away from the LORD, and was compared to a wayward wife. Even in its backslidden state, the LORD still opened a door.

No matter how deep your valley, or how much “Achor” you're going through, you can hold onto that same promise of old - that is, the LORD will transform your valley into a door of hope.

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