Some Juicy Gossip


It’s amazing how interested people are when the conversation turns to gossip. It seems that some folks have an insatiable appetite for learning about other’s secrets. Three thousand years ago, the Bible recognized this fact:

“What dainty morsels rumors are…” Proverbs 18:8

In the same way that the Bible described rumors as delectable, we describe them as “juicy.” But wait, the Bible doesn’t stop there…let’s read the entire verse:

“What dainty morsels rumors are – but they sink deep into one’s heart” (New Living Translation)

In other words, even though some gossip might seem to be delectable, the results of spreading gossip can hurt us deeply. One example of the destructive impact of gossip is found in Proverbs 16:28, where the Bible tells us “gossip separates the best of friends.” (New Living Translation)

So, the next time you’re offered what seems to be a tasty morsel of gossip, do what the Bible says in Proverbs 20:19, and don’t even associate with a “whisperer.” You’ll save a friendship, even if it means passing up a seemingly juicy treat.

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