Chosen Vessels


What's the big deal about putting out the wrong drinking vessels at a major social gathering? Perhaps we should ask a man named Belshazzar - it cost him his throne!

Back in the days of Ancient Babylon, King Belshazzar threw a party for a thousand of his noble guests. When the wine began flowing, Belshazzar ordered that special gold drinking vessels be brought out. (Actually, these vessels had been stolen out of the Temple by Belshazzar's father, Nebuchadnezzar). As soon as the guests began drinking their wine out of these vessels, Belshazzar saw a horrifying sight - he saw the fingers of a man's hand start writing on the wall (btw, this is where we get the expression, “the handwriting on the wall.”) The message basically said that the days of Belshazzar's Kingdom were over.

What was Belshazzar's big crime? It was that he had used vessels which were designed for a sacred purpose for a bunch of drunkards. Now, how does that relate to you and I? Well, according to the New Testament, Believers are called “chosen vessels.” In other words, God has chosen us for a special purpose, to carry His message to others. It is equally profane for you and I to use our lives for any other purpose than that which we were designed for.

So, don't ruin the party, or even worse, waste your life. You were chosen for a purpose.

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