The Best is Yet to Come!


Most people, even those who are hardly familiar with the Bible, have heard the story of Jesus turning the water into wine. As a refresher, here are the details:

In the second chapter of John, we read about a wedding taking place, where Jesus, His mother, and His disciples, were invited guests. At a certain point, Mary, the mother of Jesus, mentioned that there was no wine left. Jesus had the servants fill six stone waterpots to the rim with water, and then draw some out to bring to the headwaiter. The headwaiter was amazed, and said, “Everybody I know begins with their finest wines and after the guests have had their fill brings in the cheap stuff. But you've saved the best till now!”

Now certainly turning the water into wine was a notable miracle. However, the headwaiter observed a phenomenon far more miraculous, which is very applicable to our lives. You see, the headwaiter observed the negative pattern of deterioration which is so common in our world. It is interesting that this miracle took place at a wedding. How often we hear the expression “The honeymoon is over” to describe a marriage. In other words, as the headwaiter observed, so many marriages start out with the “finest wine,” but then deteriorate as time goes on. This deterioration in marriage, which is so prevalent, is the exact opposite of the biblical pattern, which has marriage getting sweeter, not more bitter, as time goes on. Proverbs 5:18-19 tells us to “rejoice with the wife of our youth,” and to be “always exhilarated with her love.”

The headwaiter's observation can also be applied to life in general. We are living in a modern culture which places such great emphasis on youth, as opposed to the Bible, which values age. It is no wonder that so many people become depressed as they age. Yet The Book of Proverbs tells us that “the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day.” (Proverbs 4:18)

Living in our day and age, it is difficult to avoid the thinking of the headwaiter. However, when Jesus is the special invited guest in your life and in your marriage, the best is always yet to come!

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